TokenAdvisors is the foundation of our service suite. A forward-centric way of approaching startup fundraising, organic business escalation or investing into underserved but high growth sectors, we’re your partner in every way.

Role: Design, Develop, Website maintenance, Project Coordinator
Project Member: 1
Platforms: Web
Skills: Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Jquery Slide show, Javascript, SEO, Web fonts, Lightbox.
Software: PhpStorm, Photoshop
Development timeline: 1 month, Maintenance in 12 months contracts.

By providing immediate access to capital for startups; and for investors, the straight-through line to digital assets, ICOs bring innovations much more efficiently to-market.

The beauty of Token Advisors finance and technology is the security through its embedded distributed ledger set-up. Each transaction is recorded, inalterable and locked in blocks, so the value of what you hold is always transparent and available to you.

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