St Francis Methodist School

St Francis Methodist School (SFMS) is one of Singapore’s leading private academic school. With an annual cohort of 550 students, both local and foreign who hail from over 20 countries, SFMS offers a variety of holistic programmes catered to the learning needs of different students.

Role: Project Coordinator, Design, Development, 1 year website maintenance.
Project Member: 2
Platforms: Web
Skills: Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Jquery Slide show, Javascript, SEO, Web fonts, Lightbox.
Software: PhpStorm, Photoshop
Development timeline: 1 month

With years of teaching experience and quality academic achievements, our team of dedicated and experienced teachers and staff are always ready to go the extra mile to help our students. Initiated by our team of highly skilled teachers, the Academic Achievement Programme (AAP) aims to enable students to successfully fulfill their academic potential.

SFMS offers multiple academic pathways and programmes to meet the different needs and aspirations of our students. These pathways lead to broad-based, rigorous and widely recognised pre-university qualifications, which will provide our students access to a world of opportunities.

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